Live long & prosper.

Looking for a fun and fulfilling career? We offer excellent wages, full medical & dental benefits, lifelong training, and advancement opportunities.

With a crew of over 85 people, it's essential to cultivate a healthy and hospitable workplace environment. We found a simple way to achieve this: employ people who embody the following Core Values.


We are dedicated to Houston Landscapes and to constantly be pushing to make the company a better place to work, a better and more skilled landscaping company, a more structured and professional organization, and to ensuring the company becomes the most recognized and sought after landscape construction firm in the Greater Vancouver.


We believe in open communication and want and expect to hear honest feedback about ourselves, our work, and our structure. We listen, learn, and grow when both constructive criticism and praise are provided, and expect in return to be able to hold and share candid and sincere conversations with everyone we encounter (clients, vendors, trades, employees, peers, etc.)


Problems occur on construction sites. We understand that. When issues arise, and they do, we look first for solutions, and then seek to understand root cause; never looking to point blame, rather to learn and better ourselves for the future.

Hard Working and Efficient

We work hard not to simply satisfy our clients or company ownership, but because we truly enjoy what we are doing and achieve a greater sense of satisfaction by knowing we've approached every task with the goal of completing it as efficiently and with as much effort as we could muster.


We believe in our solutions, and trust in our instincts. We have the confidence to move forward with what we know is right, knowing we are doing so with our clients' best interests in mind.


We work together as a united team, helping each other achieve the common goal of ensuring all Houston Landscapes projects are completed with high efficiency, and high quality standards. We help train each other and pass on knowledge to help increase the overall teams' and individuals effectiveness and abilities. We share tools and resources as required and look out for and support each other in all circumstances.

Current Openings

"This August will be my 5th anniversary with Houston... thank you for giving me a place to learn, grow, gain experience, and really build a career (and the opportunity to work with a whole host of wonderful people)."
Pieter Teeninga
Foreman, Landscape Construction