We all need our space.

At Houston, we believe that everyone needs an outdoor space to escape the stress of modern life. That's why our dedicated crew of landscape professionals will go to the ends of the earth and back to help you realize your vision for your property.

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2010, 2013, 2018, 2019

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Alabaster Homes, Anthem, Beedie Group, British Pacific Properties, Cressey, Denna Homes, Grosvenor, Intergulf, Rize, Townline


Coast Construction, Coastal Design Contracting, Custom Building Network, Feature Projects, ITC, Jenkins, Kindred, Ledcor, Stanhope Projects, Syncra, Need Brophy Services

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Connect, Considered Design, Durante Kreuk, Heather Davidson, Klavdi Kukovic, Meghan Vogt, Paul Sangha, PFS Studio, Prospect and Refuge, PWL, Ron Rule

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BC Women and Children’s Hospital, Cressey Bellevue, Grosvenor Ambleside, Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Station Square, Van Dusen Gardens


We are boldly going where no landscaping company has gone before. We have committed to becoming Canada's most sustainable Landscape Construction company. That means, every day, we look for ways to reduce our impact on the planet.

Water Conservation

Through purchasing spray nozzles and filters and regularly inspecting our equipment, we've been able to greatly increase our water efficiency at job sites, while also reducing the run-off of solid particulates into sewers and drains.

Plastic Pots Program

Every plastic planter we use on a job site is collected and returned to the nursery for re-use.

Metal Recycling

We place a container at every job site to collect scrap metal, then bring the metal to a recycler, or return it to manufacturers for re-use.

Soft Plastic Recycling

All soft plastics (including pallet wrap, etc.) are collected on-site and then dropped off once a month at a soft plastics recycling depot. We also ask our employees to bring in their own soft plastics from home. If you want to join us in our initiative, here are some local depots that accept soft plastics:

  • Presentation House Theatre at 333 Chesterfield Ave. (North Vancouver). 9am–12noon.
  • Britannia Community Centre at 1661 Napier St. (Vancouver). Enter off Venables St. onto Cotton Drive to parking lot. 9am–12noon.

Battery Recycling

We collect all household style batteries, and most of those used in our rechargeable tools, both on-site and at our shop, to be recycled. We also encourage our staff to bring in old batteries from home.

Idle Reduction Program

To avoid creating unnecessary pollution and greenhouse gas creation, we enforce an idle-reduction program for all our machines, including skid steers, excavators and hand-operated equipment.

Measurement Confirmation

Our teams plan for the week ahead before picking up materials. Less driving means a reduction in carbon emissions and fuel usage. As well, we double-check all orders to avoid the need to return unused materials or make a second trip to buy more.

Material Re-use

Following the three tenets of going green – reduce, reuse, recycle – we encourage our teams to get creative when thinking of ways to re-use any raw materials that are going to waste.


This may be the easiest sustainability practice, but also the easiest to forget. We strive to turn out lights when possible and unplug cell-phone chargers, computers and tools when not in use. We also encourage our employees to bring these practices home with them.

Community Service

Houston isn't just about plants and masonry. We're about community. We believe in giving back to the places we work and live. If you have a community project in mind for us, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Houston Landscapes raises and donates roughly $10,000 per to year to the Foodbank through a raffle at its Staff Christmas Party.  Over $60,000 donated and counting!

Ridgeway Elementary

Houston Landscapes volunteered its workforce and equipment for more than 300 hours over 5 weekends to help build the Ridgeway Elementary new playground.

Capilano University Community Garden

Working with Projects in Place, over 30 Houston Landscapes team members volunteered their time over a weekend to help build over 65 raised garden beds on a vacant lot at Capilano University, creating the Capilano University Community Gardens to be used amongst students, employees and various departments for instructional purposes.

Eastview Park Bog Makeover

Over 30 of Houston Landscapes employees volunteered their time to eradicate invasive plant material that had taken over an acre of Eastview Park (see article here). We also, as a not for profit project, built a 60 meter long wheel chair access through the park and a viewing platform which allows the students of Eastview Elementary School the opportunity to study the creatures and critters of the bog.

English Bay Beach Clean Up

Employees of Houston Landscapes volunteered their time for a day of beach clean up at English Bay during the Celebration of Lights firework show. Over 100 bags of garbage were collected and removed from the beach prior to the sun rising, ensuring the safety and enjoyment of the beach for all.

Greater Vancouver Homebuilders Association "Ramps" Program

Houston Landscapes employees volunteered their time to help the GVHBA build wheelchair accessible ramps to allow the elderly easier access in and out of their houses.

Soul Food

Houston Landscapes provided a weekend of expertise and material to help Soul Food build an urban garden growing vegetables on Hasting Street.


Houston Landscapes has donated over $20,000 to various charities in the form of gift certificates to be auctioned off at silent auctions.

Our Crew

We're proud of our people. To a person, they embrace our obsession with customer satisfaction. Pictured below are the crew members you'll come to know when you work with Houston.